New challenges

So I’ve been at a new job for a couple of weeks now. I left Songbird around when we shipped 1.0 to seek some new challenges. I’ve been doing Mozilla browser development for seven and a half years and I’m sick of it. I still think building browsers is one of the most interesting fields […]

Meanwhile, in the day job

A couple of months ago my role at Songbird shifted a little. Up till then I was working on the core product, fixing bugs and adding features across the whole product as part of the bird engineering team. Since we started working on 0.7 (aka Fugazi) I moved into a group initially called strategic development […]

I told you so

Six months ago I predicted: This kind of bundling is often done by the bad guys. If you install Apple’s Quicktime codecs on Windows every update will trigger an iTunes install, even if you haven’t installed iTunes. I’m sure they’ll do the same thing for Safari on Windows. I’m not sure what iTunes’ market share […]

API Design

Recently at Songbird I’ve been working on some guidelines to help us build better APIs. One of the most exciting things we’re hoping to offer users and developers are APIs that give them access to their music and the ability to extend their and others’ music players. Getting these APIs right can be hard and […]

Songbird 0.3

Last week we release Songbird 0.3. It’s the release I’ve been working on since I joined the Pioneers of the Inevitable in January. There are a whole lot of improvements in there to various parts of the application – the database engine was rewritten to be faster and more extensible, we added tabs to the browser, etc – but that’s not what’s really cool. What’s really cool is the new Web API we’ve developed.