The Kevin Bacon of Music

Who is the most connected musician? Mathematics had Paul Erd?s, film has Kevin Bacon, but who is the center of the musical world. At some point I flippantly suggested Brian Eno because of this long career as a producer. Rich Trott brought this up again recently when linking to his awesome Music Routes site. Rich has […]

Breaking into a debugger in Python

This is probably old news to most folks, but I only found out about this recently, more than twelve years into being a Python programmer. The pdb (Python Debugger) module has a few useful functions. For years I’ve been using, the postmortem debugger. It can be run from the Python shell to invoke a […]

Scripting Google Voice in Python

In the interest of getting some of the fragments of code I’ve written off my hard disk and out where someone might find them useful I’ve decided to start dumping them into git repos with some very minimal documentation. Minimal enough that I actually kick them out there. The first is a simple Python library […]

Implementing Information Retrieval Systems

I believe that it’s valuable to implement software components that you use from scratch merely to gain a better understanding of the systems you use. I’ve never implemented an operating system from scratch or designed and implemented a programming language like many of my friends but I’d really like to one day. Part of the […]