OpenID Usability Non-solutions

At work we’re building our new centralized authentication solution. Allowing OpenID logins is not part of our first release, but it’ll follow at some point in the future, at least if Rob has any say in it. Even though I’ve had an OpenID identity for as long as anyone, use mine extensively and have even …

A simpler mobile OpenID workflow?

Chris Messina posted today about the problems with current OpenID work-flows for mobile users. In spite of a long list of chores I was intending to complete today I had a bit of an experiment with an approach to solving this. The main problem I wanted to solve was to allow a user to prove …

OpenID for the mathematically challenged

The other day I got the OpenID bee in my bonnet and grabbed James Walker‘s module and installed it on my server. Actually I grabbed it from CVS, and then discovered that the CVS version is half-ported to some new Drupal 6 form API, so I ended up using the DRUPAL-5 tag.

Anyway, I use Dreamhost which I love for many many reasons (primarilly it’s really cheap and seems to work really well). Unfortunately they don’t build their PHP with BCMath or even GMP, which means my PHP can’t do the hard math that’s required for crypto. Luckily there’s a mode of OpenID that doesn’t require any work on the relaying party side. So I made a small change that allows James’ module to work in this “dumb” mode.