Google Chrome OS

If I was building an OS today I’d be building what Google just announced. Like most heavy technology users I’ve been moving heavily toward hosted web applications over the past few years. I don’t use Evolution or mutt anymore, I use GMail. I don’t organize my photos on my laptop and use my own hosted …

I told you so

Six months ago I predicted: This kind of bundling is often done by the bad guys. If you install Apple’s Quicktime codecs on Windows every update will trigger an iTunes install, even if you haven’t installed iTunes. I’m sure they’ll do the same thing for Safari on Windows. I’m not sure what iTunes’ market share …

Flock 1.0

Flock 1.0 has finally shipped.

Almost two and a half years ago I met up with Bart Decrem for coffee in Palo Alto. He was working with Geoffrey Arone to build a company to write a new browser. Bart wasn’t fully clear on exactly what it would look like or exactly what it would do but he believed that it was important to build a web browser that would break new ground in functionality and experience. He showed me a prototype that showed off two pretty amazing features: really simple bookmarking shared bookmarking and the ability to take pieces of web pages and store them for later reuse. I was excited so I quit my job and joined up.