A Modest Proposal regarding littering and the homeless

In SFist I read that Scott Weiner, my district supervisor wants to give our San Francisco homeless brethren food stamps instead of cash when they bring bottles and cans in for recycling. I think he’s thinking about it all wrong. What we should do is deputize all of our homeless so that they can issue […]

HDCP’s real purpose

The recent leak or crack of the HDCP key has mostly been discussed in terms media piracy. There is already plenty of Blu-Ray piracy – nobody’s going to bother capturing raw HDMI traffic and re-encode it when they can easily buy a ripper. What this will do is make it possible for more small chinese […]

The genetic inferiority of stupid people

Sharon sent me Jill Filipovic’s blog post about Stephanie Grace’s “racist email” that seems to be doing the rounds of the angry internet. First of all Stephanie Grace’s email was kind of racist. Not Arizona racist, but it definitely had a racist subtext. She doesn’t state that she believes that African Americans are genetically predisposed […]

Antidepressants and the placebo effect

I’m starting to shift the content of the blog beyond simple technical issues. My use of LiveJournal has diminished as everyone elses’ has. I’ll keep posting personal stuff there but more general stuff will end up here. Over the past few years I’ve heard rumors of studies that showed a negligible difference between the effectiveness of antidepressants […]

Travel Tips

The wife and I have been travelling for the past year or so on a fourteen month trip around the world. I was just reading Nat Friedman’s travel tips so I was inspired to add a few of my own more back-packer-y tips. For long trips use small bags within your luggage. We used Eagle […]

Detecting advanced CSS features

I decided to do some fancy typography in my résumé, but I wanted to have a sane fallback for browsers that don’t support the latest features. I have my name rotated 90 degrees using CSS3 transforms, but simply applying the transform: rotate(-90deg) CSS property isn’t enough to get the effect I want. To make it […]

Implementing Information Retrieval Systems

I believe that it’s valuable to implement software components that you use from scratch merely to gain a better understanding of the systems you use. I’ve never implemented an operating system from scratch or designed and implemented a programming language like many of my friends but I’d really like to one day. Part of the […]