Emissions taxing and trading in Australia

After many years of proposals, counter-proposals, coups and general disappointment the Australian Government has announced its scheme to allow the economic impact of carbon pollution to be managed by the free market. I’m really really proud that as a country we’ve reached the point where there’s a plan in place. It’s taken longer than it should have. […]

Breaking into a debugger in Python

This is probably old news to most folks, but I only found out about this recently, more than twelve years into being a Python programmer. The pdb (Python Debugger) module has a few useful functions. For years I’ve been using pdb.pm(), the postmortem debugger. It can be run from the Python shell to invoke a […]

Updating software on your Mac in ten easy steps…

Launch your application, oh look, an update! Clicking “Update” takes you to the Mac App Store web site. Click “View in Mac App Store” since apparently I’m not doing that yet, but wait! Tell my browser that it’s okay to do what I just told it to do. We’re launched into the Mac App Store […]