VSCode Remote and the command line

I use Visual Studio Code in conjunction with terminal windows. I’m very used to using source control, building and running tests from the command-line and I tend to work on sufficiently weird things that VSCode’s ideas about what a build is don’t map well. When poking around my source tree, building or running tests I […]

Calculating Actual Build Dependencies

During development, when you make a change your build system should build every output that would be affected by your change and no more. Incorrect dependencies can lead to building too much (wasting time) or worse, building too little (wasting way more time). Unfortunately keeping your dependencies specified in your build configuration is time consuming […]

Injustices and Anachronisms

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking happily about the fact that my kids will never know a time before marriage equality in the country that they’re growing up in. The US Supreme Court struck down bans on same-sex partners marrying less than a month before they were born. There was some talk of […]

Generating Noise Textures

My current play-with-random-web-tech side-project is is a solitaire game. Well actually it’s a framework for implementing solitaire games because I’m a programmer and a side project is the right place to exercise my desires for needless abstraction. I want a nice felt-looking background texture and the way to do that is you add some noise […]

Reusing Passwords

I have a confession. Sometimes I reuse passwords. Not for anything that “matters”, but I’ve ended up using a couple of passwords a lot of times. And inevitably some of those sites get hacked. But where did I use them? Chrome remembers all my passwords but unfortunately doesn’t seem to offer a straightforward API to […]

Partisan Divide

There’s an American election on Tuesday. Whatever the outcome of the races, the partisan polarization is disturbing. Roughly 40% of the electorate considers each presidential candidate to be unqualified to even run. I don’t have the right to vote but my perspective is just as absolute. I’m right, but I’d say that wouldn’t I. Each […]

Tyranny is mostly pleasant

In my life I’ve been lucky enough to visit some brutal military dictatorships. From Suharto’s Indonesia as a child to Mubarak’s Egypt more recently, they’ve been really pleasant to visit. My impression is that most citizens of these countries were fairly unencumbered by the political system they lived under. Some people had terrible time – […]

Low Fidelity Abstraction

It’s only through abstraction that we’re able to build the complex software systems that we do today. Hiding unimportant details from developers lets us work more efficiently and most importantly it allows us to devote more of our brain to the higher-level problems we’re trying to solve for our users. As an obvious example, if you’re […]