A Modest Proposal regarding littering and the homeless

In SFist I read that Scott Weiner, my district supervisor wants to give our San Francisco homeless brethren food stamps instead of cash when they bring bottles and cans in for recycling. I think he’s thinking about it all wrong. What we should do is deputize all of our homeless so that they can issue littering fines. Pay them a small percentage of the fine as a bounty. Give them cheap video recorders to collect the evidence. It would solve our littering enforcement problem and help address the poverty of some of the poorest members of our society.

One reply on “A Modest Proposal regarding littering and the homeless”

  1. Your title does your content injustice, I don’t think this is a “modest proposal” in the Swift-sarcastic way at all. I think this is reasonable. Was having an afternoon get-together with some friends and found out about a guy here in town famous for his urban garden-slash-produce-to-the-stars business and apparently he had a cadre of homeless people he sends on errands. He had a nickname for the group of them that I can’t remember now.

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