New challenges

So I’ve been at a new job for a couple of weeks now. I left Songbird around when we shipped 1.0 to seek some new challenges. I’ve been doing Mozilla browser development for seven and a half years and I’m sick of it. I still think building browsers is one of the most interesting fields to work in – since we all spend much of our time working and interacting through web sites small incremental improvements to web browsers can have a huge impact on a wide variety of activities. But building web browsers is hard.

Now I’m doing some web stuff. It’s a challenge but in different ways. I’m working a lot with Flash and AIR right now, I’ve just successfully evangelized jQuery to the other developers and about to head back into cross-browser html + css development. The project I’m working on is still under wraps but it’s really exciting and I’m working with some pretty amazing people. I can’t wait to be able to brag about it.

In the mean time I might start talking about more web-y things here.