Syntax Highlighting for Drupal

[flickr-photo:id=252312738, size=m] While writing my last post, I felt the need to post some source code examples and I wanted them to be pretty. Looking around, I failed to find what I wanted. There were a few options, the codefilter module, but that only supported PHP highlighting, the geshifilter module, but that doesn’t support Drupal 5.x which I’m running, or patches against codefilter to add GeSHi support.

So I did what was probably the wrong thing and wrote my own. At least I didn’t write it from scratch, I based it largely on codefilter, with some inspiration from the patches to codefilter that add GeSHi support.

I hacked up GeSHi a little as it wants to link keywords of most languages to reference sites. While this sounds like a good idea in theory it was linking HTML keywords off to some random site I didn’t really like and didn’t think was that good, so I disabled that functionality.

Using the module is pretty straightforward. You wrap your source code in tags that look like

<code language="LANGUAGE">...</code>

where LANGUAGE is a supported language. If there’s an enter in your block then it treats it as a block otherwise it renders it inline. Also, some whitespace is trimmed, so you can force a single line to be treated as a block by putting an enter at the start or the end.

Right now it’s being maintained in the same source control as I’m using for my web site, but I’ll move it into Trac and Subversion eventually. For the time being it’s attached.

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